Saving as nuendo project file

I recently broke up with apple - FINALLY! - and went from cubase to nuendo at the same time. All is working well now. I’m going through all my projects making sure everything is in working order. Curious as to whether there is any advantage to saving as nuendo project files. (When I save it simply resaves as .cpr file.) Not a big deal, just curious.

Also, if anyone is thinking of switching to Windows I’d be happy to answer questions.

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Steven, I always have been a Windows users for about 20+ years. Very happy, but just want insight why you moved over from the ‘dark side’? A windows-wonder-in-waiting!

Ha! The dark side. I’d been toying with the idea of moving away from apple for a couple years now. A lot of the work I do is video and 3D. Apple is absolutely atrocious when it comes to offering options and upgradability! Want to upgrade a component? Gotta buy a whole new machine. Their ecosystem is good - great even for the user who doesn’t need real power. But if you want power and aren’t afraid of getting under the hood, run away from apple fast. Also, just tired of their secretive update culture; their fanboy culture.

It took me a good 10 days or so to migrate completely to Windows with respect to all software, plugins, drivers and hardware, but once I got my system dialed in it just felt great. SOOOOOO MUCH MORE POWER FOR YOUR MONEY!!!

Thanks for asking.


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Interesting to know about your upgrade philosophy. Did you go with the Intel or the AMD path for the new windows system?


In Nuendo, if you open Cubase project (*.cpr) and save it, it is just saved, so it will use *.cpr again. If you would use Save As, you would get *.npr (Nuendo project).