Saving CC1/mod wheel value with Kontakt and other VSTs

I’m wondering if there is any solution against Cubase “resetting” the CC1 value to 0 every time I re-open a session.

For instance, in a Kontakt string instrument, even though I’m not recording yet, I’d like to have the CC1 set to max when I’m sampling the instrument since otherwise it would be very quiet (CC1 controls the dynamic parameter in this string patch). I save the Cubase project with my mod wheel set to max on that instrument. However, when I re-open the project, the CC1 is set to 0 again (as well as for all other instruments) and I have to wiggle the mod wheel again for each of the instruments to set it to max. Is there any way for Cubase to save the last CC1 setting of the instrument without having to record it?


You have to record or draw the init value(s).

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