Saving Chains aka Mixer Presets in Cubase

I remember in the older versions i think it was possible. I am not talking about a Track Preset,
i am talking simply an Effect chain. Lets say you open an Instrument or Audio Track with no FX
on it. Then you have a preset where it Loads all of the FX Chain that you saved before on THAT
track not to insert/open new track, similar to copy and paste but here you have it as a preset.



You can Save Selected Channels from the MixConsole Functions menu.

Hi Martin, thank You, i never checked that…but…useless…it can only work
with Audio Tracks and that’s it…and that is the least i needed. Sad.

What i meant is works only on the sam type of Track not as a global Chain Preset.
So if you saved a Rack Instrument, will only Load in a Rack Instrument and not even
on a Instrument Track and vice versa. For us who use/emulate real Console chains
it would be nice to be able to do that instead of each time recreating everything.

FX chain presets are available from the insert point on the left of the channel editor. Select channel click on E. A small diamond leads to the FX chain dialogue.

I couldn’t find a way of importing FX chains from Cubase 6 by moving presets though. I got around it by loading the older projects containing FX chain presets that I wanted to use in Cubase 8 and then re-saving them in the new format.

Finally, that was it, thanks a bunch to both of you.