Saving, Changing, Syncing Project - how do local changes affect cloud project and vice versa

Dear Community,

I am somewhat confused about how syncing and saving interacts on the side of the project owner.

So let’s say I have a project saved locally on my PC. Here is what causes my confusion:

  1. I save a project on local harddisk as “funkyPunk1”
  2. I upload the project to vst cloud
  3. I close Cubase
  4. After a while, I decide to do some changes
  5. I open “funkyPunk1” from my local hard disk and do changes
  6. Now I want to sync. I open vst transit, login, select “funkypunk1” in the project list but it does not allow me to sync. Sync button is not active.
  7. I close Cubase, reopen and go directly to vst transit, opening “funkyPunk1” from the vst transit interface
  8. Strangely, my changes are already there even though I have only done them on the local project
  9. However, the up arrow supposed to indicates that my edits are not yet synchronized is not lit
  10. Nonetheless, sync button is now activated. I press it and indeed some uploading happens

So, the confusion is about the management of projects between local pc and cloud. Specifically, I am wondering how I should proceed when I want to change an already uploaded project. Should I always open VST Transit first and open the project from there?

And what if I do changes without connecting and just change the local project? It seems to be impossible to sync after the (locally loaded) project was changed but somehow the changes are still recorded when the project is later opened directly from vst transit (see 7&8 above). So what is actually getting loaded when you open a project from the vst connect interface. Is it simply opening the latest edit from the local computer, ignoring that some changes may not yet be reflected in the uploaded files?

I would be grateful to get some clarification and insights, on how you are managing this…