Saving condensed score takes looooong

I have an Apple M1 Ultra - so a really powerful machine and I’m working with Noteperformer.
Saving orchestra scores takes quite some time - about 5 seconds.
But saving a condensed orchestra score takes like 10 - 15 seonds.
Anybody has the same experience?

Part of the time taken to save when you hit Command+S is spent creating a PDF thumbnail for Quick Look and for the Hub’s Open Recent page. If you would prefer not to have these previews, you can switch off the option at the very bottom of the File > Project Info dialog.

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Where exactly please Daniel?

Scroll down a bit…

ah…I tried to scroll down on the page - if you scroll down at the scroll bar it works :slight_smile:
that’s super super super ! That saves so much time, cause I’m saving all the time.

Thanx so much Daniel !!!

OMG - why didn’t I ask earlier. Yes Yes Yes. Somebody’s very happy over here…

Are you saying that you’re zzatisfied?