Saving custom endpoint configurations

When saving an endpoint configuration (from the command at the bottom of the VSTi panel), I get a generic “An error occurred” message and I cannot retrieve the file when clicking “Playback template” in the Play menu (I precise that I have empty slots, may be it’s the problem)
Dorico (1.8 MB)

Unfortunately I cannot see the nature of the error from the diagnostics. What is the name of the endpoint configuration you are trying to save?


It may be a filepath issue of some kind. What is your Windows username?

The path to my user folder is : C:\Users\Axel Chambily - Casa

Thanks. I would expect this to work, but perhaps there is somehow a problem with spaces in the filename. I’ll ask one of my colleagues in our testing department to test this next week and see if we can reproduce the problem by replicating your account name.

ok, thank you :wink:
(I saw that another user on the forum had the same problem apparently without solution)