Saving defaults doesn't work?

I’m confused by the ‘save to defaults’ feature.
For example, every time I create a new score, I have to go to Layout Options and remove the 6 spaces from the first system. And every time I click ‘apply’ to make the change and the save to defaults, in the vain hope I won’t have to do that again!
Is there something I’m missing please?


What spaces are those?

The spaces that create an indented first system

I wonder whether something has changed here. I noticed yesterday that I had to change this option on a new document (xml import), while I didn’t use this option for months if not years…

In Layout Options, saving as default works per layout type – so saving settings for a full score layout updates the defaults for scores, likewise saving settings for a part layout updates the defaults for parts (or at least that’s the intention).

Parts are indented on the first system but scores aren’t in the factory defaults, I believe.

It’s a long time since I changed these settings.

I think you have to press Apply before you try and Save as Default.

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