Saving Effects choices AND muting my microphone


  1. I have a project which i set up my INSPECTOR effects inserts for mic’ing my violin. I’d like to save this for future projects. Is there a way to save a snapshot of this ?
    I suppose that the obvious way is to save the project as a template , for ie: VIOLIN SESSION… and just open the project when i want to record a session using my violin. I was just wondering if there was another way.

  2. Speaking of recording my violin* , i recorded a track with said instrument, and i disabled the record button AND enabled MUTE… but the mic is still active and i can hear my keyboard typing in my ears.
    And… yes … i suppose i could just disconnect the mic from my Steinberg UR12 (yes… i’m in bed with Steinberg so to speak)… but… i would have thought that disabling everything would not keep sending a signal through the system.
  • If these questions are not properly answered, i will upload a sample of my violin playing for you to hear, and you will be sorry that i did. :laughing:
    i am using a MAC 2011 with High Sierra… 8 gig of onboard memory… an IRig keys IO and, as i said a UR12… I have to testing all kinds of things in my new Cubase Elements 10 program… and its been crashing here and there… Is this normal or is my system too old ?.

thanks all.

For question 1… My thoughts are, as you mentioned, a template named “Violin Session” would be the way to handle it. But, take a look at workspaces in the op manual. Using that plus some user VST preferences may work too.

For question 2… my thought is you must have a track (somewhere) that has the “Monitor” function enabled.

Can’t help with the bonus question…

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hmm… i may just check that out.workspaces ! ( i have Elements… always have to check to see if i can do things… i can’t for example do multi-takes with lanes. i think… upgrading is like $300 CDN to Artist.

as per question 2, i have one Groove agent track… and one audio track. both had RECORD and MONITOR disabled !.. there must be some bizarre setting i am missing somewhere …


The UR12 has a dedicated button on the front for enabling/disabling direct monitoring.