saving effects on each track

Long time multi track recording guy but a newbie to Cubasis 2. Have my main track recorded from arranger keyboard and I have added the effects to make it sound great. How do I save the track with the effects I have on it?? I know I can do that on a final mixdown but I want to be able to save these effect settings right now on just the one track. Thanks for the help.

Hi bmoc,

Not sure if I understand your request correctly…

  • Effect settings are saved along with the project
  • Track Freeze allows to create an audio mixdown of a particular track (including FX)

Hope that helps!


Lars, thanks for the answer - so then perhaps my question is even simpler and honestly dumber than I thought… How do I save what I have then? I have the project named - but how do I save what I have and know my settings are saved as well?? Thanks


Hi tl,

Since Cubasis projects are automatically saved there is nothing you have to do.

If you want to manually save specific states of a project, Cubasis allows to create snapshots from within the MediaBay.
Please have a look at the MediaBay chapter in Cubasis’ in-app help to learn how to use the feature.

Hope that helps.