saving/emailing Score pages

I want to email to someone who doesn’t have Cubase. Is there a way to do this. All I see is option to print.

Win7 has a snipping tool which can take a screenshot.

You could also download a PDF printer driver, which will allow you to export PDFs via the Print dialog.

This feature is built into OS X, but I think you need a 3rd party driver for Windows. A quick Google search reveals as a promising option.

Hope that helps,


I can confirm that bullzip pdf printer works fine. Select that as your printer when you print your score and it’ll save it to your desired location as PDF file.

Bulldog worked fine.
Thanks very much.

On pdfs there is the option to ‘embed fonts’ (location of the checkbox varies) but you really want to check that. Otherwise the pdf will assume all fonts are present on the client machine–including the music font–which generally WON’T be there and all they’ll see is Klingon.