Saving endpoint (an error occured)

I’d like to create a playback template from my VST setup but when i hit the button “save endpoint configuration”, give it a name, it replies me with messagge “an error occured”. What to do? THanks in advance

What name are you choosing?

Perhaps you’re using some characters that Dorico doesn’t expect. Try to stick to regular alphanumeric characters, and avoid things like colons, semicolons, asterisks, question marks and slashes in the name. Dorico should sanitise the name for you without complaint, but perhaps this isn’t work for some reason.

I’m assuming here you’re typing to save this endpoint for the first time? I’ve had the odd problem as well particularly when trying resave after editing in which case save under a different name, delete the original and rename if desired. If certain characters are not allowed in the name by Dorico then I would have though it reasonable for an dialog alert to be built in as is usually found elsewhere if that doesn’t involve too much time.

I didn’t use odd characters, but however , it still doesn’t save.

Can you show an image of the screen you used to define the template (or a recreation) before you clicked to save it?

Yes, please provide us with the answers to the questions we’re asking. What name are you trying to use? What is the account username of your user account (since this also affects the overall path that Dorico has to save to)?

There are 3 screenshots.

Thanks. That certainly suggests the name isn’t the problem! Could you please try once more, then do Help > Create Diagnostic Report immediately afterwards, and then upload the resulting zip file that will be saved on your desktop to a reply here so I can take a look at the logs produced?

Dorico (627.1 KB)
Here it is.

Thanks. Unfortunately this doesn’t provide any further information. I’ll ask my colleague Paul whether he has any more suggestions about what could be going wrong.

Paul wonders whether perhaps you could try removing the empty rack entry and then see whether that helps (your screenshot shows slot 06 as empty), and perhaps also try saving the endpoint configuration for each plug-in in turn, to see whether it is one of them in particular that is causing the problem.