Saving expression maps causes infinite spinning ball

I’ve looked around for a solution to this, but haven’t found anything.
I’m making changes to some expression maps created in Cubase 5. When I try to save these changes, the cursor goes into spinning ball mode, as though saving… but never comes out of it. I can still work in Cubase, but my cursor is permanently the spinning ball. The only solution I’ve found is to quit Cubase and start again. Does anyone have any ideas?


I have never seen this. Do you have the latest Cubase 5 update, please? Is the Expression Map file saved? Could you send a screenshot of the Map, please?

Yes, I had the latest version of Cubase 5. The expression maps were all saved in Cubase 5 and each time I changed something I saved it and it overwrote the previous version. I’ve attached one of the maps that caused the spinning ball when I tried to save it in Cubase 8.
exp map.gif

There is nothing special (tricky) on the Map at all.

So the map comes from Cubase 5, and now, you want to update and save again it in Cubase 8, right?

Could you attach even the Map (originally made in Cubase 5), please? I would try to reproduce it.

Yes, the map comes from Cubase 5 and I want to update it in Cubase 8. Strangely, I can’t locate the vc up/down map in my folder of maps. I tried to attach one called vl1 up/down that causes the same problem, but this forum says: “The extension expressionmap is not allowed”.