Saving external FX+instrument routing?

I searched the forum to see that this topic has been discussed before in the past, with previous versions. Wondering if this kind of thing has been addressed by Cubase13, and if not what is the workaround?
Basically my audio interface was off the other day, and I connected briefly to my internal sound engine. When I re-loaded Cubase last night with my usual interface, I noticed all of my external FX and external instrument routings were disconnected. I had to manually reconnect each one-by-one, and I have 64 channels of I/O, so this took quite a bit of time… Even if there’s no formal convenient way to save this inside Cubase, is there a file in the system which I can backup to prevent that from happening again? On a Mac M2 running Ventura with Cubase 13. Thanks!

This happens to me all the time, best way I’ve found is to save your setup as a preset. Then just pick “Standard Studio” or whatever you decide to call it from the list and it puts everything back.