Saving External FX Routing

Is there a way to ‘Save’ the routing configuration of External FX?

Seems that it forgets all routing configuration whenever my I/O temporarily changes
(ie plugging into to my band’s rehearsal space interface and open cubase, or using cubase with built-in audio for casual use outside of studio, etc)

Once that happens all routing is gone and I need to do it all again.

…I’m not sure if I am doing something ‘wrong’ here, or it just the way it is?

You can save it in the studio module as a preset, or save it within a template. But if connections change, the gear defined with these connections changes as well.

Ok thanks. I can give it a try.

I plan to setup and have a default template, but it doesn’t seem to hold the External FX (if my I/O ever changes throughout the course of using Cubase)

As a quick example on my Macbook Pro:
-I used a ‘External FX’ reverb in a session and that routing was Saved with the Project ‘A’.
-I then worked outside of my studio on a different interface (fewer channels), and a different Project ‘B’ (all with Cubase).
-Then I come back to the studio, open up Project ‘A’ and the routing is gone. (doesn’t remember it)

Is this normal and expected? I can’t change studios with Cubase or it forgets all routing for my projects/songs?

External FX in your template are 2 objects:

  1. The fx device
  2. The port it’s connected to.

Both need to be valid for the fx to be available in the your template

Since you can connect different gear to different ports, you can save gear/port combinations as an external fx preset.

Ok I will try.

Yes it always remembers ‘1. The fx device’
But if the port is ever gone it forgets that part (the routing).

Where exactly is the External FX Preset saving option located? I couldn’t seem to fine that? Is it just saved automatically with the other VST connection presets? Is that essentially the ‘2. The port it’s connected to.’ you are talking about?

I’m realizing now that in the end this is probably not going to work for me anyway…(at least how it did in Logic X)

Part of the problem is that my Mixing Setup shares I/O with my Recording Setup. I am either in Mixing Mode or Recording Mode.

For example, I have 32 I/O in my DAW
My hardware FX are setup in my (physical) patchbay so they are Normalled to these 32 I/O. But when recording I use these same I/O and patch the preamp outputs to the inputs (bypass-ing the FX)…
So right off the bat Cubase will not allow me to define an Input routing with the same I/O as an External FX, so this seems impossible for my setup.

Logic X treated things differently. All routing was the same for the program, just that they had a Utility Plugin you could load as an insert that would route to a desired output and come back on a desired input, then you could save that as a preset in their Utility I/O plugin. This didn’t have to be exclusively used for an External FX but could also be used for inputs.

It was really nice because I could use 32 channels of hardware FX processing for my mixes and not have to patch a single thing. I’d only be patching during recording which was a few channels at a time.

Maybe I will describe this workflow more to Cubase and see if they can come up with a similar very basic Utility I/O plugin as Logic has.