Saving External Instruments & FX routings?

When I started my computer today, for some reason Cubase couldn’t find my soundcard. It didn’t worry me so much since computers are computers and stuff happens. I simply restarted the computer and this time Cubase could see the soundcard but I had to add it manually in Studio Setup/VST Audio System.

All good so far but when I checked on my external instrument routings the were all wrong and so was my External FX routings. - Not so good.

I figured I would get them back if I loaded up my template but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

I have a whole bunch of external gear routed. Losing those settings and having to redo them takes quite some time. Especially since the process is quite convoluted and spread out over several menus (this really needs improvement).

My question is: how can I save the routing for External Instruments and External FX?
It clearly wasn’t saved with my template.


I would recommend to save a Profile within Cubase Profile Manager.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Since there is no save feature I suppose everything you do is updated live in the activated profile?
If anything happens I guess it might be a good idea to export or duplicate the profile with todays date as a backup precaution, yes?


Exactly, I would recommend to Export the current (working) profile as a backup. So you can import it later, if something goes wrong.