Saving fade presets not possible

when I try to save a montage fade (either in oder out) setting as preset in WL 8.03 no file is generated. The dialog opens and I can give a name for the preset, but nothing is saved.
Any ideas, what could be wrong here? Thanks!


Can you verify that the target folder is write-allowed? eg. just try to copy any file there.

Hello Philippe,
yes I can copy to files to both folders.


Can you show a picture of the dialog you are saving the presets from?
Can you save presets in other contexts (eg. Master Section presets)

please see the screenshot attached (in german). Saving Master Section presets works flawlessly.


It seems you don’t have this setting:
You must have the 1st setting at the top, which means the application needs administrative rights to write to the location.

If you have precious settings, copy them from the current location to the “per user” configuration and use that last setting.

Yes, my setting is ‘common for all users’. I changed it to ‘independent for each user’, restartet, but it did not help.
I also gave my account full access to the WL directory and started WL with administrative rights, but to no avail. It seems that the problem is somewhere else…


Can you save presets in other contexts? (eg. Master Section presets)

Yes, like I wrote above, Master Section presets work.


p.s., I am using Win 7 32 bit with WL 32 bit.

I have no more idea. Espescially, this works here on my system.

Works fine here too. I wondered though, you have a German version of Wavelab, but your computer folder names are in English? Is that unusual?

Made me wonder too when I first installed Win 7, but it is the same on other systems in German. Instead of a different folder name for e.g. “Program Files”, there is a symbolic link to the German “Programme”.

I have to do some more testing to find a reason for my problem.