Saving Files Greater Than 2 Gb

I recently reinstalled Wavelab Pro 9 after having a blue screen crash while running Wavlab.
That happens to me periodically if I don’t reset the sample rate on my MOTU 828 mk3 after exiting Wavlab and before running other software.
I am running Windows 10 64 bit.
Both Windows and Wavlab versions are up-to-date.
Now when I try to save a file it tells me the file is too large, it can’t save files larger than 2 Gb.
I know this is bogus because I’ve done it thousands of times in the past.
I routinely take the 2 Gb files from my field recorder, splice them together and save in Wavlab for editing.
I’ve never gotten this message before.
It will let me save files under 2 Gb.
I’m saving files with the WAV DEFAULT format.
I didn’t see anything in the preferences tab that might let me extend files beyond 2 Gb.
Can anyone help or explain?

Please show the error message (picture) you get.

Here is a picture of the dialog box saved as .png format.
Wavelab Error Dialog.png

You need to set this option:

OK, that seems to fix it.
Thank-you very much Philippe.