saving files

I am running Cubase 6.5 and for some reason the default file saving process has just changed. Before, I would create a new project and then when I saved the project Cubase would automatically save it in the already-created project file. But now, when I save for the first time, I am prompted to look for a location to save it to.

Can someone remind me what I have to do to restore the default behaviour on this? Or which preference to delete?

many thanks for any replies.

At the bottom of the Project Assistant there is an option that allows you to use a default location for new projects OR have Cubase prompt you for a location.

thanks jaslan, but it is the next step I am referring to. (a) you create a project folder from the ‘Project Assistant’, and later (b) you save the .cpr file in it. But (b) is not saving in the (a) location, which should be the default.