Saving Folder Presets

I’ve noticed it isn’t possible to save a Folder track as a preset, containing all tracks and processes within it.

This would be useful for the likes of Electronic music whereas I would have certain synths layered with multiple instruments, to be able to import a preset with all layers intact.

Has anyone discovered a useful workaround for this? Or is it just a case of having to save each track separately and import individually?

This is a feature request for the feature request forum of where this already exists as a request and is currently on the first page!

I was more asking for any tips on workarounds rather than requesting the feature to be added

Agreed. This is what I currently do, at least for Audio tracks:
Select all of those tracks within the folder. Export track archive. Import track archive into new project, and add them all to a new folder.
(You can delete all the events on the tracks before exporting if you want them blank.)

you can also create templates and then use ‘Import Tracks from Project’

Hi all

I use export tracks all the time, exports all selected tracks along with any instruments or processes you have in them, Then import from the track archive when you need them

Best Regards, Dave

Thanks, I’ll give this a go. Am I able to Implement the track archive into the media bay? Or does it have to be done via the “import track archive” option?