Saving Graphic Playing Techniques As Default

Has anyone found a way to save graphic playing techniques as default so that all future Dorico projects have the same playing techniques ready to go on start up? More specifically I’m trying to save graphic images of bass clarinet multiphonic fingerings. I use them relatively often so it’d be great if they were just default in all Dorico projects. I can save them as default, and they’ll show up in the Playing Techniques panel in new projects but they will no longer be attached to the actual graphic file (so I have to reimport each graphic file in each new score). Is there a file path I can put the JPEGs so that Dorico can always find them? Thanks!

In lieu of a more specific response, how about duplicating the most recent project you’ve worked on, deleting all the flows and saving the file as bass-clarinet-template.dorico ? Then the next time you want to do something with bass clarinet, duplicate that file and start from there.

Unfortunately at the moment it’s not possible to save graphics as part of a default library item: this includes graphics in playing techniques or indeed in master page definitions. This is something that we do need to address, but it may take us a little while, I’m sorry to say (it’s a bit complicated).