saving groove templates in c6.5

Guys, there was a a link on this forum with a small gif animation how to save midi files as groove templates in c5. I cant seem to find it anymore.

How can i use a downloaded pack of groove templates (midi) to save to my quantise list so they are always avaialable as i need them?


You have to create Hitpoints first. Then, you can create Groove quantize from the hitpoints:

User guide:
Create Groove Quantize Preset
This lets you create a groove quantize preset from a MIDI part, a sliced audio part, or an audio event containing hit- points.
To extract the timing, i.e. generate a groove quantize map based on hitpoints that you have created in the Sample Editor, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Sample Editor for the audio event from which you want to extract the timing.
  2. Create and edit hitpoints.
    For further information, see “Working with hitpoints and slices” on page 276.
  3. On the Hitpoints tab in the Sample Editor, click the “Create Groove” button.
    The groove is extracted.
    If you open the Quantize pop-up menu on the Project win- dow toolbar, you will find an additional item at the bottom of the list, with the same name as the file from which you have extracted the groove. You can select it as a base for quantizing, just like any other quantize value.
  4. To save the groove, open the Quantize Panel and store it as a preset, see “Save/Remove Preset” on page 111.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the reply. Although i dont have audio to work with, as you have stated to go into sample editor. I have a groove template pack which i have purchased, and they are all MIDI files, not audio.

How can i add these midi files to the quantise preset save list so i can choose them from the quantise drop down menu?

Any Steinberg OPs out there? there was a link on the CUBASE 5 forum to a looped gif animation for how to save these midi files to the quantise presets as iam asking… i remember it was a very simple process, and im assuming it must be virtually the same on c6.5

please help.



You just need to import the midi file and then convert into a groove quantize preset . The next step is crucial. You need to save the preset via the midi setup (all explained on page 111 of manual).

thanks for the rely bakiki, but again iam not using audio files, i want to know how to do this with midi files…

I have worked it out, if anyone else wants to know, simply highlight the midi file, and ctl right click go to advance quantise and create groove.

then save.