Saving high Drive space with audio files

let’s say I have a final project and let’s call it 10-final
in my project folder I have nine previous versions of it but I do not need the audio files from those previous versions. how can I safely delete them saving me space on my hard drive? I am currently using the latest version of cubase 12 professional.

Alan Russell.

Remove unused media, then Back up Project.

Then delete the original project folder and its contents.

Or, I think, you do this in the pool… So need to backup and then delete the old project. Of course Steve’s way could feel more ‘safe’.

Indeed. With abundance. :grin:

if I open the final project folder in Cubase 12 professional and save it to a different folder with a different name on my hard drive why isn’t the audio folder with the audio files carried over to the new folder with a different name? Is there a setting or procedure I am missing when you save projects under a different folder name?

Alan Russell

Because that is not how it works. That saves the .cpr file only.

Backup Project does it.

Look up these terms in the manual:

Back up Project
Save As
Save New version


thanks Steve I just watched a video I have to do the back up procedure

Alan Russell