Saving ID3 Settings and Other Stuff per Project

Figured I’d revisit this well posted about topic.

Saving the ID3 info in each project was #33 in the July 2019 Feature Request poll issued by Matthias Quellmann.

Still, after many years and many many posts… nada. :unamused:

Saving ID3 info per project would be nice (so do it) but, my opinion would be to save “EVERYTHING” per project file. Seriously… “EVERYTHING”.

All settings that pertain to each specific project would be saved and restored upon opening it. “All settings” mean EVERYTHING. Every setting, view, zoom level, everything typed in any menu and submenu, including all things in the “Audio Mixdown” and submenus, etc.

Every setting
Every menu entry
Every customized view, zoom level, cursor position, color
Every open window and position
Every VST and their specific settings and presets

Did I say “EVERYTHING”. :wink:

Over the years some progress has been made in regards to this topic. So a big THANK YOU goes out to Steinberg.

But, things like the ID3 info, zoom levels, etc. still need to be worked on to enhance the workflow.

Regards. :sunglasses:

This should also include buffer size. There are different requirements for live recording vs mastering etc