Saving individual tracks

Im saving some individual vocal tracks as wave files. Can anyone tell if they are saved straight from the pool with no EQ or effects? how about volume?

The way to do this is to:

  1. Disable all insert effects in the MixConsole, if you want to “print” the tracks “dry”, for the tracks you want to save. Set the faders to 0db. Don’t forget to disable automation reading, if automation is used.

  2. Set the left and right locators to encompass the part of the song you want to export (see below).

  3. Open File/Export/Audio Mixdown, and make sure that the main dialog box is set up correctly (destination, file format, etc.)

  4. Now select “Channel Batch Export”, in the Channel Selection section, and make sure that the channels you wish to save are checked.

  5. Click Export.

What do you intend to use the saved files for? If you intent to use then in another DAW, or hardware recorder, it is of vital importance that you set the left locator at the beginning of the song (0). Even if there’s nothing happening on the track until the end of the song. Otherwise it will be all but impossible to line up the tracks again. This is a mistake that even professionals make. Just ask any re-mixer!

Hi Svenne Im sending to a friend for him to attempt a remix. Many thanks for your time and trouble-Im ok on the procedure of how to save I just wasn’t sure if the end result was the audio file flat pre effects and EQ so I shall disable them.

They can be. Look at the options in the Export Audio page. They’re perfectly clear - but there are quite a lot of them!