saving INPUT channel config incl inserts and EQ setting

cubase has such an abundance of ways to save settings for channels, tracks mixer configs etc.
why is it not possible to save a set of input channels including the used inserts and EQ settings.
each time i need to implement for each new INPUT channel those parameters. make it part of the Audio Connections tabs. i can not imagine it to be so difficult and it would save a lot of time.
or as a minimum: make it possible to save and load INPUT channels in the same fashion as all other mixer or track presets.


very strange. i posted this in Feb. and this is the only response i have gotten.
deep silence from Steinberg…!
i can’t imagine that this issue is so outlandish that it only comes up for 2 people working professionally with Cubase.
but maybe i overlook a procedure on Cubase that offers the function or similar workflow that i am missing?
any suggestions?

I think most folks just configure their inputs however they like and save it as part of a Template. You can even reuse the physical inputs for multiple input busses with different configurations on each one.

i am aware of that option. but it precludes to change the input sets once i have a template chosen. i use in every input a set of inserts (VU meter/spectrum analyzer/analog model/limiter/), but depending on how the demands of a project expand, the configurations change. so to be prepared for all recording scenarios i would have to have a template with (in my case) a minimum of 12 mono and 6 stereo configurations loaded with those inserts always ready.
but i reconsider this and see how i go.
although my general question still stands: why there is no ability to save those Input sets in the same fashion as any mixer channel? i think it would provide a smoother workflow for many people.