Saving issues (9.0/9.5)

a) If project is saved, but then I open Notepad and type something there, then close project and Cubase don’t ask to save changes.
b) If project is opened and nothing was changed, Cubase asks to save changes if I close project.

Should be vice versa, right?


Is any plug-in involved (on the project)?

Yes, of course. This is in the second case.
In the first case there was only pure MIDI track. I was testing “hiding hidden notes” (another issue I’ve posted here).

Some plug-ins generate data all the time. So from Cubase point of view, there is a change in the project and always asks to save the project.

Okay, I understand about plug-ins independence. But how about Notepad? Is it independent from Cubase so much, that it needs some extended handwork like Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C and then Ctrl+V in external word processor?

And tell me isn’t it a bug that Cubase still not controlling Notepad’s changes? Is this post not informing about prduct’s bug and is so disturbing to get warning on my profile?