saving issues...

I would like to save an audiomontage with all audiofiles in it.
Is it possible to save everything regarding the am in a folder?

Still not happy with the saving possibilities in WL, maybe I’m missing something?


as far as I know Montage and all related files MUST be placed in the same folder. but… maybe this is not a news.

…hi Marco,

I don’t think so, the audiofiles can be located everywhere on your computer…


I wrote the .mon and .wav MUST be in the same folder. So, You could move your .wav in the folder you like, and then save the .mon in the same folder.

as far as I know Montage and all related files MUST be placed in the same folder

No. But it is a rather good practice to have the audio file in the same folder, or in a child folder.

If this is not the case and you want this, what you could do (WaveLab) is to use File > Save special > Clone completly.

Another solution, is to use the rename function in WaveLab. Open the Montage, then use the WaveLab rename function to move the files. The file links inside the open montage, will be updated. This can only work if the files are on the same Volume.

Last solution is to move all the audio files where you like (when the montage is closed), then to reopen the montage. WaveLab 7.1 has a new Audio File relink dialog which is a vast improvement compared to past versions.


Thanks Philippe, that was exactly what I’m looking for!


Roger that, I’m glad I used the “as far as I know” option!
New interesting/useful feature I was not aware of…