Saving/Loading/Copy/Paste Mixer or Channel Settings

So, coming from Cubase 6.5, how do I do the following:

  1. Select a range of channels, COPY, select a new range of channels, PASTE. This used to work to copy say 3 channels worth of settings and paste them to 3 different channels.

  2. How do I save a channel range to a file? These were VMX files, and how do I load old ones? Assuming I can do this, does it match them by name or just by the order of the channels?

OK I found the Save/Load option in the top right menu…

It seems like this only works if you have the channels in the same order as when you saved it?

I can’t find it. Where? What top right menu? (I see no menus at top right)

THis used to be easy, just right-click on the channels you want to save/load and it was in the context menu. Suddenly it’s gone (when I have a client in the studio - totally embarrassing!).

The manual says its in the “Mixconsole Functions Menu” but the manual gives NO clues as to where such a menu might be located…


Okay, I found it. It’s a little triangle-shaped icon (no label, doesn’t look like a menu) in the upper-right corner of the mixconsole.

Don’t bother trying to use it on instrument channels- it’s broken again. So frustrated.

This is the “Poor mans” solution for the Import Session Data in PT. But its all we got :confused: :astonished: :open_mouth:

They even tried to take this away from us (C7.0.1 I think). With the net result of an uproar. Go figure :confused:

Yes, the saving and the loading tracks has to be of equal numbers and in the same order.

I really, really hope they impliment an actual “import session data-like” way to move channel settings around. It’s gotten far too difficult since C7 came out. Now I have to use a combination of “export selected tracks” and “save selected mixer channels” to accomplish what I was able to before. Gehh