saving mastersction presets to other folder then default

Is there a way to save the mastersection presets to a different folder then the default folder? Now it’s somewhere in c://user…/steinberg etc. Could it be saved to let’s say c://audio/steinberg/mastersection.
I can change all maps for other settings, but can’t find it for the mastersection presets, am I correct? Maybe some ‘hack’ in the registry?
The reason i’m asking is that I have an automated cloud backup system that doesn’t like syncing the users folder for security reasons.

Not possible only for Master Section presets.
But what is possible, is to define a specific locations for all settings. See:

Thanks PG, that will do!

That did the trick for me, thanks PG! Now i’m save with the backups again :sunglasses:
It’s also a bit more easy to find now when I want to copy settings or whatever.