Saving MIDI controller

Excerpt from the Halion Sonic 2 User Manual:

Saving a MIDI Controller Mapping as Default
After customizing the factory MIDI controller assignments, you can save them as default. Proceed as follows:
1.Go to the Options page.
2.Click “Save as Default” in the MIDI controller section.
Now, each time you load a new instance of the plug-in, your customized MIDI controller mapping will be available as default.

That doesn’t seem to work for me. I make HS2 (standalone) learn “Load Next Multi” from my Korg NanoKontrol2. That works allright but when I quit HS2 and restart, I have to do the learning all over. Besides using the “Save as Default”, I’ve tried to save both the Multi preset and the Multi program in the Multi - nothing works.

Can anyone help?


No suggestions on the above?
I’ve posted a support ticket to Steinberg a couple of weeks ago, but still haven’t recieved an answer.

So if anyone has a clue - please post a hint.

Thanks in advance