Saving midi data alongside instrument

Can I load a saved multi instrument preset (7-8) with different midi notation, and have them all in the right time position? (like a preset just with midi data on it)… Is it possible?

kind thanks

Try using Export Selected Tracks. Then to import, Import Track Archive.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but why not save as template?

Well it depends what you want to use it for. If you want to load up the tracks, instruments, etc when starting on a new project, then Save As Template will work. But if you want to archive some specific VST instruments with their respective MIDI tracks, inserts, etc, Export Selected Tracks will be a good choice as you can then import them into any project you’re currently working on, easily.

@NYC Composer Saving a template means I’ll have to start a new project each time I want to do this, and that doesn’t help me. I just want to save some instrument with its midi notes and be able to recall it.

@ilmoto does that mean its only possible with midi channel + vst instrument? not as an instrument track?
because when I export it doesn’t load the midi file (of the basic notation), maybe I’m doing something wrong?

I’ve only ever used Export Selected Tracks with MIDI and audio tracks, not with an Instrument track. So I couldn’t answer that for you. If I get a chance later on, I’ll do some tests and get back to you.

I did a test and it seemed to work fine. Did you set the locators around the MIDI data before exporting?

went over it again, solved I guess i just didn’t tick the right boxes… thank you very much ilmoto