Saving Midi Sends with Presets

I am on Cubase 6.0.7.

I have a giant MIDI track preset that includes a ton of MIDI sends. When I load the preset in a new project, the sends do not load with the preset. Is there any workaround, besides connecting all the MIDI sends manually every time?

Where are these Sends routed? Maybye, there is no the target device loaded (presented) at the moment. Is it?

Thanks for your reply, Martin.

The sends are routed to other MIDI channels in the same instance of VE Pro that the main channel automatically connects to when I load up the preset, so I don’t think that is the problem.

I check it on my Cubase. You are unfortunately right. It doesn’t matter, I choose Include MIDI Path or Include MIDI Channel only. Sends are not saved.

But Sends are not saved in the Audio track presets too.

From what I remember audio sends do save properly.

Does no one have any workaround or anything? This can be a real bummer when I’m short on time…

Not here, on my Cubase 7.0.2 on Mac.