Saving mixer view set globally for all projects

Hi guys,
i just got the Cubase 10 pro version and it’s awesome.
There are few things i would like to ask you about :

  1. Is there a way to globally store a mixer set view?
    I mean, cubase has 3 different mixer consoles.
    I want mixer 1 to show only audio channels, mixer 2 to show vst and mixer 3 to show only fx and group channels for example. (and maybe few other view changes)
    I have stored the configuration of those changes in the mixer settings, but it shows only on that specific project, when i load other projets i need to do it all over again.
    Can i globally save those mixer parameters so that all my previous projects will show those changes?

A work around would be to create an empty project with the mixconsole(s) and whatever other views & I/O settings you want, then save that as a new user template. Or if you have an existing project that is already set up as you want, save a new user template from that.

Then when you create a new project from that template everything will be set as you want.

Just remember that saving a new template from an existing project is a convoluted process. Hence this feature request.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thank you very much for the replies!
Yes, creating new “empty” template and saving the view sets is exactly what i did, just wanted to find out if those view sets could be applied on existing projects, guess not:))
Oh well, maybe in some future updates.