Saving/Modifying Templates

Just out of curiosity, is there a way to modify the existing Dorico templates or add new custom ones to the list (in the file menu), or do I have to just save mine and reopen and rename them every time I use them? I looked for a folder with template files but I didn’t see one so I’m thinking maybe they’re embedded into the program and therefore difficult/impossible to edit or add to. I ask because I like to keep autosave on, and I’m notoriously forgetting to save new files with different names when I open them, causing me to edit my templates inadvertently. I realize that’s just a bad habit of mine, but in other programs templates are saved and opened differently than regular files, so you can’t really edit and save over them by accident.



The templates don’t exist as Dorico projects. They’re created dynamically from the relevant lines in the templates.xml file stored within the application bundle, along with the existing default Notation/Engraving/Layout etc. Options.

For anyone interested, here’s an excerpt of the templates.xml file:

It’s not a good idea to edit this file - it will likely get overwritten by future Dorico updates - and it’s certainly not worth trying to add to it: Dorico won’t correctly display additions in the hub. As you can see, the template doesn’t store much at all, anyway: just a list of instruments, some bracketing stuff and a few overrides to the default Layout Options.

Okay, I figured it was something like that. I’ll leave it alone. I wish there was an easier way, but I know there are probably more advantages to doing it this way. Appreciate the reply.