Saving multichannel files

I know WaveLab has long been able to save a 6-channel (5.1) wave file, and also a 7.1 WMA file. But when did it gain the ability to save 3-, 4-, 5- and 8-channel wave files (corresponding to the accepted DVD-A montage formats, so no 7-channel option)? It’s not mentioned in the WaveLab 9 Pro manual!

Even this small change makes a significant improvement in my workflow (I handle a lot of 3- or 4-channel files) Thanks!


Try this:

Yes, that’s what I just discovered (it’s not in the manual, I think). But it still can’t read the same files back in as far as I can see.

It would be marvellous if, as an interim before true multichannel file handling gets integrated (will it ever??) WaveLab could import into the montage multichannel files of channel counts corresponding to the other DVD options in the way that it does for 5.1 - surely this can’t be a hard adaptation of existing code?