Saving new, and backups - extremely slow

I tried. Actually I cannot figured out how to delete useless automation dots in Project Logical Editor. Using Virgin Territory partly help in situation of multiplying number of dots with Automation Follow Events is On. Concerning r_eduction level (50%) of automation dots_ I opened settings/preferences of the automation panel and found that it is alredy 50%.

I’ve been away for the xmas holiday. Hope you all had a good one:)

I’ve just loaded the template I posted on my second system which is a Mac. I’ve added more tracks and more automation and the save time is considerably quicker. 4-5 seconds max. Compared to the PC which is averaging almost a full minute.

Fredo. Cheers for the IR suggestion, but this issue is happening on the PC whether I have plug ins set up or not.

Neil. I wrote that lol, Yes it’s fine to repost hah. Once I get this issue put to bed I’m going to make a few more tweaks to the session. I’ll send you a copy

I’m going to uninstall/reinstall on the PC and see what happens. If all is well on all of your machines and my 2nd machine… then it’s got to be something specific to my PC.

I’ll be perfectly happy with save times of 10 seconds or less.

Happy New Year everybody

Has anyone that has downloaded the template file tried adding to it… tracks or automation… and saving?

Let me know. The file that saved in 4 seconds on the mac is taking a little over 2 minutes on the PC…

Time for a new install

After reinstalling N5, the problem remains.

After disabling and removing all plug ins, the problem remains

After removing all media and audio, problem remains

after disabling and removing mackie control, problem remains

After saving to a new drive, problem remains

After removing all Jbridged plugins from the plug in info section, problem remains

After disabling the control room, problem remains

after removing all busses and routing, problem remains


My IR’s were stored on my SFX drive. That drive goes to sleep when not in use.

The slow saves have nothing to do with anything other than that drive being in sleep mode.

Thank you Fredo


Congrats on the find.

I just wish I knew why a 10mb project takes 5-8 seconds to save.

Maybe it does a scan of what is different btw the last save and the new save.

now that my issue is solved, I’ve noticed that save as… take less time then a regular save.

I made an experiment:

I created new project 48 kHz 24bit, created empty event on mono track, created 10 dots on volume curves and 10 dots on each of three panners . Then I duplicated tracks to number 8 and duplicated events till 1 21:30:40:00. Quiet big project. After all of this I saved project and get 178,1 Mb as result.
Then I created project 48 kHz 32bit and made the same operations in it. The result was 151,3 Mb.
I don’t know why it’s happened. May be I made some mistake during experiment…may not… Anyone have an answer?