Saving not working well

Working with last update, Windows 10. Saving a project is not working well::

  1. Muting or soloing a layer is not saved.
  2. Changing a layer instrument is not saved or crashes VL.

Hi @diegoalejo15,

  1. The Solo state is not yet saved. That’s right. It’s on our feature request list. But Mute? Where is the mute state not saved? I’ve added an Audio track, muted it, saved and reloaded project and the mute state is reloaded correctly.

  2. Hm. I cannot reproduce it. Do you have some steps for us to reproduce it? And can you please have a look if a crash.log file was saved?

Thank you,

No crashdump when it crashes (it doesn´t crash everytime)
Create a new project
Add a layer
Mute the layer
Save project
Close VL
Open VL, the layer is unmuted

By the way, I´ve found that Close (project) is not working either.

Can´t reproduce 2) issue with new projects, it happens with already created projects.

Indeed - we are checking right now.

The File/Close function closes the active window, it does not close the project. The menu entry will be disabled in upcoming versions if the currently active window is the project window.

… fixed. Next update.


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… and it is renamed to “Close Window”. Next Version,