saving notes with presets

One feature I’d like to see is an option to save the pressed keyboard notes with the presets so you can generate evolving pads by just moving the grain position like in many other granular tools. It shouldn’t be hard to implement would make Padshop a lot more useful for live work.

I’m out traveling without my equipment and need to kill some time, thus I share my thoughts on this, which might not be 100% acurate.

If you by “save the pressed keyboard notes” mean saving the Midi file on the Padshop track I think this can be done with using the Track Archive function.
Export Padshop with midi file:
File → Export Selected track → choose destination.

Import the same:
File → Import from track archive → choose from destination → tick select all.

If you, on the other hand, want these notes to be stored inside of padshop (like some granular devices in Reaktor) this is not possible and I doubt we will see it implemented in Padshop. However, these reaktor devices have a built in step sequencer and in Cubase it might be possible to mimic this by inserting the Step Designer to a MIDI insert on the Padshop track, filling in the desired notes in the Step Designer. The Step Designer will run in sync with Cubase. How to best save this in order to call up the setup in one click in a live situation I’m not sure. If you are using a different DAW you would have to check if it comes with a step sequencer and use this, or getting a 3rd party step sequencer.

Experiment is the way forward in order to get this to work, I think.

Thanks for the input. I use MainStage for live work and even tough I think it’s one of the most versatile hosts out there, I couldn’t figure out a way to do this. I use Reaktor/Csound/Max and stuff like that as well so I know a bit about using and abusing audio software, but this simple task seems to be impossible. That’s even with the new MainStage version and all the MIDI plugins.

Not only the Reaktor granular synths do that, but also Crusher X for example has a simple option next to the keyboard where you can choose if you want to save the keyboard notes with the presets or not. Granite works like that as well.