Saving or export an Automation Track?

Hi folks!
A simple question! Is there a way to save or export an Automation Track in Cubase 12? Not midi track, just the Automation.
Never tought I will need once to bring the same Automation movement from one project to another one, and now… I stucked! :slightly_smiling_face:
If anyone could help?

You can import tracks from another project to extract their automation by using File > Import > Tracks from Project

I think, it will resolve my problem! I’m using Cubase for over 20 years, but I never needed an option like this!
I will write back a bit later whether my problem is solved.
Thank you in anticipation

If you mean to save just the automation curve, I don’t think so? You can however save an entire track (it can be empty in terms of audio or performance parts).

Seems like I made some Project Logic Editor stuff at one time that’d automate importing, copying the data in a VST automating lane, pasting it to the lane of track above, then deleting the track that was just imported. That was a long time ago. I’ll have to look and see if I still have those Logic Entries.

You made my day! It worked!!!
Thank you so much!