Saving presets

Sorry if this is an old and rehashed topic, but for the life of me I can’t save presets. For instance, when I try to save a FX Chain Preset, it gives me the window and lets me enter info on the preset, but, then, when I click on save, it goes nowhere.

I’m probably missing something obvious, but I would sure appreciate some advice. Thanks.

trash your preference

Thanks for your response, but I’m not sure what you mean. I looked through my preferences, but nothing jumped out at me as a solution. Can you elucidate just a bit?

what’s your OS ? win / mac ?

Windows 7. Cubase 7.5.

Previously I was using 6.5 and recall having the same problem. What am I missing?!

Thanks for your help.

move the Cubase_7.5 (x64) folder to your desktop for a backup , then delete it (in C/user/appData/Roaming/Steinberg)
restart Cubase.