Saving presets

Is there a way to save presets for a track. I mean: Inserts, channel strip, sends (of course if sends are open as FX channesl) and eq under one file?
Like I will open new channel audio and with one click I will open all previously saved parameters and plugins.


Of course, you can do so. It’s called Save Track Preset. Right-click to the track, the very last item in the drop-down menu. See this picture.

Thank you so much. I was struggling for so long. Working with same group of people and every time manualy adjust every track!!! You save my day, weekend, month, year !!!

Btw, there are other ways how to copy the Channel settings to the other one.

Open MixConslo. Click to the Channel name you want to copy, drag-and-drop it to Channel you want to “Paste” (apply). Done.