Saving project files, what's the most efficient way?

I am primarily a Logic user, but I do love Cubase as well and flip back and forth. Can someone point me in the correct way to save project files with everything saved in a project file?

Something like a consolidation folder that gathers all of the content in the song and saves to a new folder? For instance, I’ve been making “November 23” folder, then saving song ideas in there, but it seems like a lot of files and waves and extra stuff gets scattered in that folder.

If there an easier way to do this? Crazy I’ve been using Cubase (with the red printer dongle) since 1995 and I never figured out a way to do this. Thanks in advance for any solid Ideas! Cheers!


File > Back up Project.

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My method is a bit OTT when making albums.

  1. Create a folder for each song “This Song 01”
  2. First song is “This Song 01”.
  3. Every time I open a project and make changes, I save this as “This Song 02”. Next one is “This Song 03” etc.
  4. Once there are major differences eg new drums or guitars and the song folder is over 5 gb, I use File/Backup Project. I create a new folder and call it “This Song 02”. Cubase copies all files in use to a new folder. Once that’s done, I move the old folder “This Song 01” into a folder called _NIU.
  5. Backup every day
  6. At the end, I delete the _NIU folder and backup all the current folders. Some projects will be up in the triple digits.