Saving projects

Hey everyone,

I’ve been using Cubasis for about 3 years now, and have some questions about backing up projects. My concern is that if I needed another iPad, I would like all the data to appear as I have it right now. Ideally, I would like to not have to mess with Cubase on the computer, transferring files from Cubasis to Cubase, and then putting them on a hard drive, and then restoring it back to the iPad. My computer is old and slow, so I’d rather avoid using the computer to back things up if possible.

First, I would like to know if the app data is stored in Cubase or is saved in the iCloud backup, such that if the chip was transferred from one device to another, the data would all appear as is. If that is the case, then problem solved, I guess. But if it is not a reliable way to store data, is the only way to export all the files to Cubase, and then store them on a hard drive or use online data storage? Or is there any other way to back up data easily?

I know this might be basic, but I’ve not been able to find any simple answers online, and I just want to make sure that the iCloud backup is reliable. Thanks.

This may or may not help.
I had my Cubasis projects on my iPad they were using up a lot of storage so to save them I first saved to Dropbox the zip files,
Then open Dropbox on my android device, connected it to my pc,
Saved the zip files from Dropbox to my android device, then transferred them to my pc.

This can also be done with cbp files from Cubasis.
I now have 25gb of zip files on my pc,

As they are now on my pc there may be a way of using them in the way you want…

Hope this helps in some way

I use windows XP Dropbox not avalible on it…
That’s why I do it using android device.

Hi kwayzar,

Cubasis offers many ways to create backups of your data such as:

  • Apple Files App support
  • Drobox support
  • iTunes File Sharing
  • AirDrop
  • Export to external hard drives
  • WiFi Server

Please find further information about the available formats and options in the MediaBay chapter of the Cubasis in-app help.

Hope that helps.