Saving/Recalling Drum Maps, Key Commands

Win7 64

I’m sure this has been asked/answered 10,000 times…

Where… or where… does one save a drum map so that it will be available in -all- projects? I see an option to save drum maps as a DRM file, but how does one get it to appear in the drop down list in the inspector when one starts a new project?

For key commands: How does one import these from C5 so that they automatically appear as an available preset in C6?

Sorry, but it’s maddening to have to refer to the manual every 3 months when I need this and it’s not in an obvious spot.



Drum maps available in the midi track inspector drop down list are stored and recalled in projects and project templates. So if you make a template from a project where you loaded the drum maps you’ve got a good starting point.