Saving recorded audio bits as wav files? *SOLVED*

So, I basically have a MIDI track playing bass notes from a hardware synthesizer, I added a new audio track, recorded the MIDI playback into the audio track, now I’m slicing up individual notes which I would like to use in a sampler.

Question, can I save these audio bits that I cut up as wav files? is there a way to do this? I tried looking around but all I can find is how to export your songs… not individual pieces of audio. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Just bounce, don’t export. It’s a command from the audio menu (keycommand assignable). The event or slice must be selected of course.

A new file is created, named like the track it is on.

Ok I have selected my wav recording, “Audio”>“Bounce Selection” then prompts me to replace file or not, and either selections both yield no results, simply nothing happens

What happens is that a new file with a new name is created. Look into the pool, it’s placed in your projects audio folder. The file created has samplerate and bit depth according to your project settings.

Yeah, but a piece of audio as soon as it is made goes into the pool automatically, there is no need to bounce, but my question is, how can I get it out of cubase to save it into a folder on my desktop for access for my other projects?

The pool shows you the name and location of the the file (usually in the audio folder). So just copy it whereever you want.

Didn’t realize it was in my projects folder in the cubase projects folder in my documents, thanks!