saving sampler presets with audio

Hi I’m a newbie to Cubase. Coming from logic. I’m wanting to save some sampler track presets to use in other projects. I have saved some but the audio files are missing. What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance


It works to me here. The Sampler Track Track Preset is loaded even with the source Audio file.

Ok When you start a new project and try and load up the same preset. Does the audio file load as well?



I’m sorry to say I’ve given up for the time being out of frustration.
I’ve gone back to my old daw as I needed to work on music and not get bogged down. After all it should be an enjoyable hobbie
Thanks for replying. No one seems to be able to help :disappointed:


Could you try to make and share a video, please? Maybe someone would see something what has been overlooked so far.

Think I’m gonna sell it :disappointed: