Saving Sampler track?

Hi All , just getting into sampler track . and wonder if there is a way to store the Sample with the saved presets ?



Have you tried saving the preset and loading it?

Yes its just a preset with a link to the sample , was wondering how to save these so that can be used across lots of projects , but cant fins a save sample anywhere

Not possible at the moment but I wish for it too.

Isn’t that how all software samplers work? The preset saved contains a reference to the location of the sample(s), not the samples themselves.
So is there a reason you can’t have the audio sample stored in a central location, like how most other sample libraries work?

When you create a sampler track the wave file is imported into the project folder into a separate folder called sampler track.

Hi @grayedout,

although I suppose you won’t be all too happy to hear it: no.

Of course some more practical functionality within a simple Cubase sampler track would be really nice. Yet I doubt that Steinberg might really want to undermine their sales of the full HALion 7 sampler, which you can use to accomplish / create exactly those things that you describe and integrate them into a distributable *.vstsound file - which can then be used across platforms (Windows, Mac OS) and of course also across all those various DAWs which can use HALion Sonic 7 as a VST (x64) plugin.

And although *.vstsound file containers (including user-created samples, presets, controller parameters, effect references) are being built in terms of a number of proprietary standards by Steinberg: to acquire HALion 7 and to work with it might be the best way to consider.
(Annotation: the linked help page still seems to refer to HALion 6 and HALion Sonic / Sonic SE 3)

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