Saving selected audio pool folders as a library

I have a project where I’ve imported some stuff and recorded some stuff. I have organized my files in the pool accordingly.

Now I want to export just the recorded files as a pool folder that I can import anytime I want. i.e. it should get copied with the media so that I can start to aggregate my personal “sample library” of sorts.

The manual mentions save library should do this but this option is greyed out for me. If I create a new library it opens an empty pool. How do I export selected folders to a library?


Sometimes I use libraries, but I’m not an expert… I use them when I’m doing an album so that I can easily share audio and edits across the whole album.

Firstly, the Save Library function is only available (i.e. not greyed out) when you have selected an open Library. Then you can save it. This is because Libraries are not saved with the project, they are separate entities. But if you don’t save then you will be prompted to save when you close Cubase.

Secondly, I did a quick test and you can drag folders and audio items from the pool to a library and vice versa. Therefore if you have your files organised in the pool, you could create a new library and drag them over, keeping the organisation. You will get the option to copy the files or reference the originals (this probably depends on your preferences tho!).

Hope this helps. I quite the Library idea for keeping things organised, but I suspect now it is considered as having been replaced by the Media Browser system. If you’re dealing with samples then this might be a better facility to use because you can tag and rate each sample and search very easily. Although with a Library you can add offline processing or edit the audio and use it as a shared copy in many different projects. Quite powerful in that respect.