Saving selection as used to be much easier

When selecting a piece of audio in a file, and saving it as a selection,
the main window for saving opens, here you have to choose between some options:
the part I wanna save, the result I want, the sceme, and off course type in a name.
Then I have to press start… All mouseclick commands.
All these options are saved for the next time I want to save a selection, great!
But when I want to render the master section to another file in the mean time,
I have to change all these options again, and they are lost for the next time I want
to save a selection.
Lot of clicking going on :frowning:
It used to be: save selection as, type in name, press enter.

Check the newly released 9.0.25 update for better recall of your render settings.

Also, you can use a key command to start a render instead of clicking the start button. I don’t recall if I modified this from the default setting, but here I can press Command + RETURN to start a render on Mac. If you’re a Windows user, try the Windows equivalent of that.

Anyway, you can change the shortcut as you wish:
Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 5.25.08 AM.png