saving settings of Input Channels not possible

something is boggling my understanding.
i can save all kinds of mixer channel settings via Save Track Preset, but NOT the Input Channels! Why? it should be as easy to store the settings of an Input including Inserts and EQ as it is for any Output Channel.
Every time I set up a complex recording session I have to do all those settings again for each Input Ch.
very annoying and time-consuming.
any workaround??
or explanation?


Have you tried using track archives to some extent?
I use it just for templates I reuse in new projects, but may work doing the routing as well.
I usually do a track folder and tracks and a bus for it - works fine with routing and all.

You can save as many tracks as you feel are useful, even full projects.

Select tracks and go to Export-> Selected Tracks. Then import track archive using it later.

No idea if this replace track presets, never use that since once selected a track preset you cannot remove it, just replace with another.

does not work for the INPUTS!!
error: “The selected track types cannot be exported!”
which is exactly my point. why can the info for the INPUT tracks not be saved in the same fashion into an xml file like all other tracks can?

So that correct inputs are referenced as you saved it is not enough - then I misunderstood your request.
What you want is to select input hardware busses and let them be part of track presets as anything else.

Cubase call hardware inputs busses - so always confused over naming when you wrote Channels.
And inputs busses cannot be duplicated in any way like tracks can, so saving as part of presets can lead to issues.

I never did hardware ins and outs as part of save archives - they are referenced selecting tracks and group channels and Cubase try to match when importing.
So unless Preferences VST page and input and output connections are not to be connected on external projects - it works on same system I have.

For drums I saved a folder, an instrument track with seven stereo outs connected to a group channel and it all import with routings and names in place.

But agree that it would be good with a proper export dialog with some checkboxes what to include - or same for track presets as you used.

I would not want to use EQ and plugins on an input bus ever.
But that’s not to say it is wrong, just that I prefer recording dry and use the audio channels for EQ and plugins.
Or you could say, it is to early for me to commit to a sound that early in the recording chain.